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RUNTIME: 105 min.

GENRE: Drama

CAST: Nick Moran, Beccy Armory, Lara Belmont, Sarah French-Ellis, Jessica Harris, Victoria Scarborough

DIRECTOR: Bob Blagden

SYNOPSIS: Hayley's gang of 14 year-old riot girls are on the rampage, mugging young male tourists on Brighton's sea-front. Hayley is half-adolescent and half-woman, as raw and violent as any male counterpart, and just as calculating. Hayley is determined that they will escape their poverty, their crumbling families and dead end prospects by stealing enough money to leave Brighton. The gang thinks she wants to go to London. But secretly Hayley has almost saved up enough money to take them to Bali, a tropical paradise full, she imagines, of beautiful, androgynous young men. Here she and the gang will find the happiness they crave.