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RUNTIME: 90 min

GENRE: Thriller, Drama

CAST: Eric Balfour, Colin Hanks, Lauren German, Alan Tudyk, Ori Pfeffer, Daniel Pino

DIRECTOR: Ariel Vromen

SYNOPSIS: Over the course of a few days, the lives of three inseparable friends change forever, as a trip to a weekend party across the border turns into a heartbreaking journey that tests the boundaries of trust, love, and responsibility. Andrew and his best friend Jonny, are primed for some partying down in Baja – a short road trip, a night at a big rave event, purchasing a couple of hundred dollars of prescription drugs to resell back home…a simple weekend…or so was the plan. Hearing that his college scholarship is about to be revoked, Andrew can't turn to his financially strapped family, and is too ashamed to tell either his loving girlfriend Melissa or his buddy about it. He'll have to figure this one out on his own, and Mexico might just offer the solution.