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RUNTIME: 91 min

GENRE: Thriller, Horror

CAST: Ryan Simpkins, Annika Marks, Karina Logue

DIRECTOR: Sonny Mallhi

SYNOPSIS: Sixteen-year-old Tess has suffered a pained past. She’s been diagnosed with an assortment of mental ailments since her mother discovered her at a young age gruesomely banging her head against a wall. Now Tess’s new medication seems to be working as she and her mother move to a new town seeking a fresh start. As Tess adjusts to her new life, horrific visions begin appearing of a deceased local girl, Lucy, recently killed in a grisly car accident. Hallucinations and physical manifestations intensify as Lucy’s haunted spirit inhabits Tess’s mind, body and soul. Doctors, sedatives, and priests (suspecting possession from beyond the grave) fail to help, leading Tess to be institutionalized after attempting to take her own life. While she is under observation, a local priest fears that it is Lucy attempting to return by taking control of the troubled Tess, and suggests exorcism as the only way to drive the dead girl out and bring peace to both of these tortured young souls.