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RUNTIME: 93 min

GENRE: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy

CAST: Kathleen Rose Perkins, Jamie Bamber, Chris Parnell, Amanda Leighton, Garrett Ryan

DIRECTOR: Michael Winnick

SYNOPSIS: Calista Ryan wakes up one morning to realize that she may not have been the best mother and wife she could have been. Her teenaged children are bullied at their local high school. She largely ignores her loving husband, whose eye begins to wander toward the pretty new girl at work. She’s bossy, selfish, and altogether insufferable. But luckily for her, Calista finds herself waking up in the afterlife – and apparently someone there believes in second chances! A freak gym accident has sent Calista’s soul to purgatory. It’s there that she meets her guardian angel, Daniel (a hilarious Chris Parnell), and Cali, the fun-loving, bubbly, carefree version of herself…her Better Half! Together they are given 48 hours to go back to earth to clean up the mess that Calista has made of her family. If they succeed, they will reunite as one soul and move on to eternal paradise. But if they fail… THE BETTER HALF is a hysterical, touching story about love, family, and the ultimate second chance.