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RUNTIME: 88 min.

GENRE: Thriller

CAST: Jack Campbell, Anna-Lise Phillips Katie Moore, Hamish Phillips Produced by Michael Robertson (THE REEF, BLACK WATER, ROAD TRAIN) and Kent Smith (2:37, THE TREE). Visual FX by Kojo Australia (WOLF CREEK, WOLF CREEK 2, THE BABDOOK, NO RESERVATIONS)

DIRECTOR: Nick Roberston

SYNOPSIS: Hardened farmer and devoted family man Adam Wilson is shocked to discover that the last of his livestock have been mauled to death on his rural ranch. Making matters worse, his wife informs him that their home veterinary business is failing, making a comfortable future uncertain for their feisty teenage daughter and young son. When a menacing bank representative makes a surprise visit to the ranch to evict them from their property, Adam firmly reassures his saddened family that they are going nowhere, and that he will fight for the place that they call home. Adam plans a celebratory feast that night, realizing that the night could be the family’s last in their beloved home. But dark shadows lurk outside their humble farmhouse. A large pack of ferocious, horrific feral dogs circle restlessly in the darkness, thirsty for blood, waiting for their chance to attack. Suddenly the power to the farmhouse is cut and the evil hounds are unleashed, triggering a bloody and desperate battle for survival. With no way to call for help, Adam must protect his family from the violent onslaught of vicious evil howling outside their door!