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RUNTIME: 112 min.

GENRE: Drama

CAST: Federico Luppi, Mercedes Sampietro, Arturo Puig, Carlos Santamaria, Yael Barnatn, Javier Ortiz, Guillermo Ayuso

DIRECTOR: Adolfo Aristarain

SYNOPSIS: Fernando Robles is a 60 year old university professor of education from Buenos Aires. He teaches others how to teach. He has been married to Liliana Rovira for most of his life. Liliana is from Spain, her parents from Catalonia, and she has a job as a social worker in the poor neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. They love, respect, and are faithful to each other, never tiring of being on their own, just the two of them. They know and accept each other deeply, their arguments are free of hate, and they have fun together. They are lovers, partners, and friends. Life without the other is inconceivable. They have a son, Pedro, married with two sons, who has a good job in Madrid, where he lives in a prosperous middle class suburb. Fernando and Liliana manage to cope with the long periods of time the family is apart, deprivation, an uncertain future, a lack of goals, and despair, but Fernando's calm and thoughtful world is badly shaken when he unexpectedly receives official notice forcing him to retire, an event that will change his life...