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RUNTIME: 93 min.

GENRE: Comedy

CAST: Jimeoin McKeown , Rhys Muldoon, Katherine Slattery, Bob Franklin, Helen Dallimore, Kristy Hinze, Colin Lane, Raj Ryan, Shaun Micallef, Tayler Kane

DIRECTOR: Kevin Carlin

SYNOPSIS: An average Joe travels to the big city to find fame and fortune as a movie star, but when he can only get is work as an extra on the set of a blockbuster movie; he unwittingly allows himself to be pulled into the precarious con world with his friend Curtis, a wannabe director. As a result, they are soon pursued by Detective Ridley while trying to avoid the local mobster. Things start looking up when The Extra stars in one of Curtis' films, and they arrange to show the trailer to an international film financier. Unfortunately the mobster they are debt to, takes the tape in lieu of his unpaid loan, and the Extra and Curtis realize that they have to fight the bad guys to get back their future before they themselves get busted by Detective Ridley. Soon the Extra realizes he has to decide the price of fame, and if he really wants it afterall.