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RUNTIME: 109 min.

GENRE: Drama

CAST: Parker Posey, Don Mckellar, Sarah Polley, Janes Leeves, Brent Carver, Olympia Dukakis

DIRECTOR: Thom Fitzgerald

SYNOPSIS: THE EVENT is a bittersweet drama of love, loss, and the amazing capacity we have to prevail in the face of tragedy. Set in Manhattan's fashionable Chelsea district, among the neighborhood's large and varied gay population, the film is an intricately structured inquiry into one man's death that becomes a celebration of his life. Directed by Thom Fitzgerald, who earned worldwide acclaim for his haunting debut feature, THE HANGING GARDEN, THE EVENT confirms his status as a filmmaker of rare sensitivity, elegance, and heart. At once utterly contemporary, yet completely timeless in its concerns, the film boasts a large ensemble cast headed by such award-winning actors as Parker Posey, Olympia Dukakis, Sarah Polley, Don McKellar, Jane Leeves and Brent Carver, all of whom contribute enormously to the film's towering emotional power. Fitzgerald co-wrote THE EVENT with Steven Hillyer and Tim Marback, and produced the film with Bryan Hofbauer.